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Sustainability is about ensuring financial prosperity and stability for our investors and staff, integrating social and environmental responsibility for our local communities and the countries in which we operate, and remaining relevant and accessible to our clients
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Nedbank Group recognises that environmental management is an important area of our corporate performance and that operating in a sustainable manner is a crucial part of our responsibility to our stakeholders.We ensure compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations and conformity to other standards as the basic steps to being an environmentally responsible company.

Nedbank Group is committed to managing environmental issues and aims at continuous improvement in its environmental management and performance. Although financial institutions are not clearly identified with environmental management in South Africa, Nedbank Group has a long history of promoting environmental responsibility. It represents an important part of our culture and identity as an organisation.

The Group Transformation and Sustainability Committee, a committee of the Nedbank Group Board, is responsible for monitoring and refining environmental policies and ensuring that these are integrated into the Nedbank Group philosophy and practice. At an executive level the Head of Enterprise Governance and Compliance has overall accountability for the management of environmental and sustainability issues.