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Sustainability is about ensuring financial prosperity and stability for our investors and staff, integrating social and environmental responsibility for our local communities and the countries in which we operate, and remaining relevant and accessible to our clients
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Transparent, honest and timeous communication is key to the achievement of the Nedbank Group vision and the fulfilment of the Deep Green aspirations. There were five primary internal communication objectives for 2006, namely to:
  • ensure understanding of, and alignment to, the strategy – particularly as the group began to focus more of its resources and energy externally;
  • encourage delivery on the brand expression, Make Things Happen, for all our stakeholders;
  • evidence the brand promise of caring;
  • support the internal drive to make Nedbank Group a great place to work; and
  • support the group’s transformation efforts (Financial Sector Charter, employment equity, etc).

The alignment of all the groupwide initiatives with the strategy and Deep Green aspirations was again a key task for communicators across the group, as was the challenge to reduce duplication and streamline the amount of information given to employees on a daily basis. The creation of a groupwide emailing system, due to be implemented in early 2007, was initiated to allow for one interactive email that contains all relevant group and cluster news to be sent daily.

National roadshows played a large role in helping to share important information and generally create a deeper understanding of group issues. The more than 500 communication representatives throughout the Nedbank Group branch network played a vital role in filtering communications, making them relevant to branch staffmembers and disseminating them appropriately.

In addition, the launch of an internal TV channel late in 2006 will help keep regional and headoffice staff in regular contact with the Nedbank Group executive team and will also promote consistency of messaging.