Nedbank Group
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Sustainability is about ensuring financial prosperity and stability for our investors and staff, integrating social and environmental responsibility for our local communities and the countries in which we operate, and remaining relevant and accessible to our clients
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The group maintains a transparent relationship with its regulators and consults with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), as well as the regulators of jurisdictions within which the group operates, on all pertinent issues. A dedicated unit in Nedbank Group Finance takes centralised responsibility for the relationship with our primary regulator, SARB.

The Nedbank Group is committed to responding appropriately to regulatory and supervisory developments and to working with our regulators and government throughout the legislative process to ensure the practical applicability of such developments.

Nedbank Group complies with the JSE Listings Requirements. Nedbank Group also interacts with government departments through its position on the Financial Sector Charter Council and the submission of employment-related information to the Department of Labour. Participation on all Banking Association working groups and projects is also a key and ongoing imperative.

Additional information regarding the state of governance within Nedbank Group is available in the Nedbank Group 2006 Annual Report.