The story behind the picture
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Nedbank Group prides itself on supplying stakeholders with updated information on a regular basis. This information can be found at under Investor Centre.
2011 Dec Financial year-end – 31 December
2012 Jan    
Feb   Annual results and announcement of final dividend – 29 February
Mar   Final dividend payment (Nedbank Limited preference shares)
Apr   Final dividend payment (Nedbank Group ordinary shares)
May   Annual general meeting – 4 May
    First-quarter trading update
Aug   Interim report and announcement of interim dividend
Sept   Interim dividend payment
Oct   Third-quarter trading update
Dec  Financial year-end – 31 December
2013 Jan    
Feb   Annual results and announcement of final dividend
Mar   Publication and posting of integrated report
Apr   Final dividend payment
May   Annual general meeting
Dates correct at the time of publishing.


Nedbank Group’s annual general shareholders’ meeting will be held on Friday, 4 May 2012, at 09:00
Venue: Nedbank Headoffice,135 Rivonia Road, Sandton, Gauteng, SA


All reports are available in English and can be downloaded at

In line with Nedbank Group’s initiatives on sustainability we have condensed our printed integrated report. This report has been distributed to current shareholders. The comprehensive version of this report is on the CD attached to the back cover of this report.

Shareholders, the public and investors may request a printed copy of this version via email at


This condensed integrated report is targeted primarily at our current shareholders and potential investors. It has been prepared to assist all our stakeholders in making an informed assessment of the Nedbank Group’s ongoing ability to create and sustain value. The following information is available online at

  • Comprehensive 2011 Nedbank Group Integrated Report.
  • Audited 2011 Nedbank Group Annual Financial Statements.
  • 2011 Nedbank Group Pillar 3 Basel II Public Disclosure Report.



Head of Investor Relations
Tel: +27 (0)11 295 6249

The story behind the picture

It is the young generation of today that will one day harvest the fruits of the seeds we sow now.

Nedbank Group understands the delicate interaction between all the aspects of sustainability, as well as the importance of these for the enduring appeal of the business.

Realising the group’s objective of building an organisation that optimises returns to stakeholders and that creates a sustainable future is enabled by an integrated approach to all the relevant elements of sustainability.

The group’s strategies and operations are therefore focused on entrenching its economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability to enhance its long-term performance and investment appeal.

The cover of this Nedbank Group 2011 Integrated Report depicts the fundamental interaction between two major interdependent components – the generation of the future and the crucial sustainability elements.

The interaction of the four sustainability pillars of the group as well as the constant influence on one another to ensure the enduring appeal of the business is highlighted.

The picture shows the four children working together on the same model to create a sustainable future and is supported by images representing the four sustainability elements:

  • Economic – a piggy bank, representing the importance of saving for the future.
  • Environmental – a watering can, representing water as a significant environmental issue and Nedbank’s newly launched water stewardship programme.
  • Cultural – a paper cut-out of people, representing diversity.
  • Social – a toy fork lift, representing our commitment to social upliftment.

The children form a circle around the display, symbolising the valuable nurturing aspect of our environment.