Our development programme

Our twelve-month Graduate Development Programme is aimed at all qualified graduates to take one of the many varied positions within the Nedbank Group.

The programme aims to provide graduates with an opportunity to experience working life at a bank. Not just any bank but the one staff say is a great place to work ... Nedbank!*

At the start of the programme, you'll be assigned a career coach. This person is your personal mentor for the year. It's their job to see to it that you attend training sessions and complete work-related projects and assignments while providing you with all the guidance and support you need in your journey through the bank.

What you will learn will more than equip you for a career in banking - from relationship and risk management to finance, IT training and even presentation skills.

If you're bound for the future, you're bound to work at Nedbank!

*The Nedbank Employee Survey (NES) - 2005

Career opportunities available

Nedbank offers experience in a variety of professional disciplines in, among others, banking, legal, human resources and information technology.
Nedbank Corporate (10)
Corporate Banking | Business Banking | Transactional Bank |
Property Finance
Group Technology (65)
Application Architecture | IT Processing | IT Project Co-ordinator |
Junior Programmers | Ass Finance Officers | Business Analyst | HR & Comms
Nedbank Retail (39)
Banking Services | Card Division | Personal Loans | Product Solutions | Credit Analysts | Branch Network | Marketing | Project Management | Finance | Risk
Nedbank Capital (10)
Investment Banking | Specialised Finance | Treasury | Equity Capital |
Debt Capital | Nedcor Securities
Group Risk (3)
Internal Audit

Success stories

I think my experience of the Graduate Programme has been on the whole very positive. Although there is a set structure I think that in order for one to fully succeed and utilise the opportunity to its fullest. You should take a proactive role in your own development, find your niche during your rotation, and attack the possibilities with vigour. I'm currently within Nedbank Capital, which is the Investment Banking arm of Nedbank and my exposure to the different business units has been fantastic. I have had the luxury of having a very knowledgeable mentor, which has made my time spent challenging and very fulfilling. The environment is conducive to increasing your knowledge, skills sets and insights to gear you for what lies ahead in your career. It's a great way to start and a fantastic avenue to "Make Things Happen" for yourself.
Zaheer Mahomedy
Nedbank Graduate 2006

My name is Fikile Maxaulane, I am Bcom (Accounting) graduate from Wits University and I joined the Nedbank Graduate Development Programme at the beginning 2006. Since then I have gained so much not only in terms of where I want to be in the future, but I have also developed personally. We had great talks from many of the top executives at Nedbank, some of the talks left me highly motivated and encouraged. We have also been on exciting training programmes ranging from Presentation skills to Microsoft office skills and Credit training to prepare us for the professional world out there. On a personal level, I have acquired a lot of important people and business skills on this programme, which I will be able to use throughout my career. The bank is indeed an excellent place for graduates to develop their careers and equip themselves for the future. Thank you Nedbank for opening doors for me and giving me a great opportunity to enhance and develop my career.
Fikile Maxaulane
Nedbank Graduate 2006

My experience of the Nedbank Graduate Development Programme has been amazing so far. If I was just put in a job I would never have been exposed to the opportunities the programme has offered me. As for me it was wonderful getting the opportunity to experience the business fully before settling to work in one specific place. The programme was able to bridge the gap between the theory I studied at the university and the experience I need in the corporate environment. The support I got from mentors and coaches within Nedbank was great for me as I am learning a lot from them based on the experience they have. Even though I have only been working for five months, everyday has presented me with new challenges and experiences. The working environment at Nedbank is great. Being given the opportunity to meet various directors and executives in the organisation has been a huge bonus for me as well. The bank is an exciting place to work. This opportunity allows young, innovative talent to be nurtured into the working environment as well as, enable them to believe in themselves, and at the same time has enabled Nedbank to keep up with the changing times.
Ndala Thabo
Nedbank Graduate 2006

The programme for me was an opportunity to explore job areas within the bank with the freedom to explore all avenues. It was also an opportunity to network and build relationships with senior individuals within Nedbank, which in turn has enabled me to learn and leverage off them, and gain insight into their success factors. It is a programme that is largely self-driven and gives you the scope to develop in your chosen area; the ball lies in your court. It has been a wonderful opportunity and I have now settled into Corporate Banking on the relationship side for the last year and learning all the time. I firmly suggest you join up, as you wont be disappointed.
Rorie Wilson
Nedbank Graduate 2005

I have been chosen as one of the Corporate Graduates. I hold a BCom, Marketing/Business Management degree. I can quite honestly say that it has thus been an extremely positive experience for me.
I have been placed in the Business Banking Division of Nedbank. This programme has been very structured as in we are exposed to the four facets of Business Banking, learning more about Credit, Business Services, Credit Risk and Sales. This was a great introduction, as you are allowed to GROW into the Banking world. U are given the opportunity like no other to grasp the terminology and concepts of Banking. I have been exposed to the Nedbank executives, which has been inspiring. U get to hear first hand the experiences that these incredible people have endured to get to where they are.

Being chosen as a Graduate Trainee gives you a chance to absorb and gain the knowledge you require in developing your path to success. Use this as an opportunity to get INVOLVED in a Bank that makes a difference!
Choose Nedbank!
The Nedbank motto has become apart of my everyday life, and I can truthfully say that I am a patriotic Nedbank employee. 'Making Things Happen', Making DREAMS come true...

Ruvashka Naik
Graduate Trainee

In my view, the graduate training programme is a solid platform to establish a basic banking industry knowledge and experience for individuals, which they may not get exposed to in a real job environment. Through the first induction week of the programme, graduates had the opportunity to gain knowledge of Nedbank group's history as well as to get an overview of different divisions of Nedbank through the most valued speeches of the executives. Being a well-structured programme, Graduates entails the opportunities to work closely to the professionals and experiencing on job training that helps them to grasp basic banking knowledge and operating systems in a very short period of time. Working with professionals and being considered as part of the team is the most exceptional feeling one can ever get. Breakfast meetings with Nedbank Executives are also very rewarding as they summarise their knowledge and expertise of their field of banking for graduates.

As we are in a training and development phase, some times things can get a bit slow and that relaxed environment sometimes can be a discouragement, but with the support of mentors and coaches, one can get over it without delay. To acquire and grasp the knowledge and to develop your career one needs to be self-motivated and willing to take ownership and responsibility for any assignment given by their mentors.

Muhammad Usman Ali

Nedbank on campus

P= Presentation  CD = Career Day

Universityversity of Pretoria University of KZN (Howard) (CD)
15th  May 7th Aug
Monash University (CD)  University of KZN (Westville) (CD)
12th June 8th Aug
UNISA (CD)  University of Zululand
4th & 5th July 7th Aug
University of Johannesburg (CD) University of OFS (CD)
25th July 21st Aug
N Mandela University (UPE) University of CT (P)
31st July 22nd Aug
University of CT University of Stellenbosch (P)
(TOPP/Accounting) 24th Aug
1st Aug* University of Witwatersrand (P)
University of Stellenbosch (CD) 30th Aug
2nd Aug  
University of Johannesburg (P)  
6th Aug  


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